Section 1. Overview

1.5 Make your organisation's stance on racial harassment clear

Committee, staff, tenants and residents should be in no doubt about your organisation's 'zero tolerance' of racial harassment.

•  Inform existing and new tenants of the policy and what actions you will take to deal with perpetrators.

•  Include the policy in your tenants' handbook.

•  Inform the local police, tenants' groups and local community groups of your policy and get them involved in supporting your 'zero tolerance approach'. The police can advise on gathering evidence. Tenants' groups can publicise your message to members. Community groups will be more confident to refer complaints on behalf their service users. . Detailed information on multi-agency working is available at:

•  Display 'zero tolerance' posters and leaflets publicly. This sends out a clear message to perpetrators and gives confidence to potential victims.

•  Model posters and leaflets are provided with this toolkit for you to adapt. Better still, get local schools involved in designing the posters and leaflets and award a prize for the best ones!

Devise a racial harassment support pack for your tenants. Details of which are available in section 1.3

By taking effective action against perpetrators you are demonstrating to your tenants and the wider community that you will not tolerate racial harassment and will act to stop it.

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