Section 1. Overview

1.1 Committee Responsibilities

Below is an action checklist for your management committee (for housing associations/co-operatives) or Housing Committee (for the local authority).

    Action checklist

  • Agree that a policy and procedures to deal with racial harassment should be adopted.

  • Agree an additional clause should be included in the tenancy agreement referring to harassment and agree a timetable for this to be done.

  • Designate a senior member of staff to be responsible for implementing the policy.

  • Agree a programme of training for staff and committee members about the new policy and procedures and monitor this training for outcomes.

  • Monitor the policy: Once the policy has been established, the committee's task is to monitor its effectiveness. The key points to monitor are: number of incidents reported each month/quarter/year; nature of the incidents; the victim's wishes; actions taken by staff; outcome.

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