Section 1. Overview

1.13 Training

Ensure that all staff who come into contact with tenants in their day to day work receives training to ensure they have a clear understanding of what your organisation's racial harassment policy means and how it applies to their own role; whether it is the receptionist, the concierge or the housing manager.

Good training is crucial as it gives staff the knowledge and confidence to identify and investigate racist incidents effectively and take relevant action. It can also improve staff confidence and overcome anxieties over handling cases sensitively. Training should include:

•  The impact racial harassment has on victims and their families

•  The context in which racial harassment takes place;

•  The policy and procedures

•  Interviewing skills;

•  Legal remedies;

•  Working with other organisations

•  Involve local tenants organisations, community organisations, or the police in staff training; it raises awareness and can lead to joint working.

•  The theory and practical details of taking a 'zero tolerance' approach.

Training needs in this area should be included within line management and supervision procedures.

Full training on using this toolkit to tackle racial harassment, and developing your own policies and response, is available. Please contact for more info.

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