Section 3. Model Policy

Model Policy Statement

We value all of our tenants and are committed to enabling them to live safely and securely within their homes. However, we recognise that some tenants, particularly those from black and minority ethnic communities, are more likely to experience racial harassment. Therefore, this policy statement outlines how we deal with racial harassment and how our tenants and other agencies can support us in challenging racial as well as other forms of harassment.

This Housing Department/Association/Co-operative is committed to ensuring that our tenants can live in safety and security within their homes and neighbourhood. We recognise that all tenants, regardless of their racial group, may experience neighbour disputes, anti-social behaviour or vandalism. However, we also recognise that racial harassment can be far more insidious based as it is on assumptions and stereotypes, prejudice and hate.

We will take action against tenants who we have grounds to believe are carrying out racially motivated attacks or harassment. Such acts may be physical or verbal and would include:

•  interfering with the peace and comfort of the victim

•  causing nuisance or annoyance to the victim

•  causing the victim to fear for his or her safety

We will:

•  deal vigorously with racial attacks and harassment

•  work in partnership with other agencies to create an environment which encourages racial harmony

•  use every available legal action against perpetrators, including prosecution and eviction

•  provide practical support for Victims of racial harassment to protect them from further harassment and identify and take action against the perpetrators of harassment.

•  regularly monitor incidents of racial harassment, record follow-up measures and review the effectiveness of the procedure.

•  seek feedback from tenants individually and collectively to learn from our experience of handling cases and to publicise our commitment to and arrangements for combating all harassment

•  engage specific measures to support those who may be especially vulnerable as a result of their isolation

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