Section 3. Model Policy

3.1 Victim-Centred Approach

Where the victim believes that the harassment is racially motivated, the investigation will begin from that premise and explore all avenues for evidence to substantiate this belief. We will adopt the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry definition of a racist incident when making investigations [see section 1.2].

3.2 Investigation

We will investigate complaints received in person or by letter or by phone with the minimum of delay between receiving the complaint and a formal interview of the victim being carried out. If the victim prefers to speak in their first language, we will follow best practice when arranging a qualified interpreter to assist in the interview. [see section 1.12] .

3.3 Action against perpetrators

It is our policy to take firm action against any tenant perpetrating racial harassment including interdicts, anti social behaviour orders, prosecution for criminal damages, seeking compensation from the perpetrators for damage to property and supporting victims if they seek compensation, and the ultimate sanction of eviction. We will take practical measures to identify the alleged perpetrators of racial harassment, especially where the harassment has taken place over a sustained period of six months or more.

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