Section 4. Model Procedure

4.1 Model Procedure

This procedure provides a framework for housing providers and helps staff understand their role in providing a good service. Accurate record keeping will be needed for action to be effective. While each provider will respond according to their own structure, resources and context the process will retain some common features:

It is extremely important that the procedure is sympathetic and sensitive to the needs of the client and provides a swift response and an effective conclusion to the incident(s) complained of. This will help to achieve two objectives:

Demonstrate to the client that the provider is committed to ensuring their safety and security and

Demonstrate to the perpetrator(s) and the wider community that the provider will not tolerate racial harassment and will act to prevent it.

Effectiveness will depend on a number of practical measures being in place: trained and supported reception and investigation staff, victim support measures, workable solutions, committee support and understanding, successful monitoring and review arrangements.

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