Section 1. Overview

1.11 Working with Communities

Work closely with the police, local authorities, schools, youth groups and other relevant agencies. Pay particular attention to local minority ethnic groups, independent advocacy organisations and victim support agencies.

Housing offices can act as 'third party' reporting centres for the local police. However, staff must always ask for the victim's consent before giving personalised information to other organisations. Anonymous information may be recorded and passed on for monitoring purposes. A full discussion of the issues around data collection and the disclosure of information on racist incidents is provided in page 18 and 21-24 of this Home Office PDF document

Consult local crime prevention officers for advice, including assessments of home security, personal safety training for tenants, the use of neighbourhood wardens and requesting extra police patrols in areas where persistent incidents are occurring.

Deal quickly with any racist graffiti on or close to housing stock. Local authority environment protection services may provide 24 hour free phone lines to report graffiti. [see emergency and supporting action]

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