Tackling Racist Incidents - A Toolkit for Scottish Housing Providers

Section 3. Model Policy

Challenging Racial Harassment

We will be proactive in working to prevent the racial harassment of our tenants. In doing so we accept responsibility for the role which we will play, but recognise that the impact of a housing provider is limited and recognise the role of the following organisations:

The Role of Our Tenants

Tenants who live near Victims of racial harassment can play an important role in helping to support Victims. They can establish a climate where harassment is unacceptable. This can help deter perpetrators.

The Role of Tenants Associations

Local tenants' organisations will be required to become involved in developing strategies to help counter racial attacks. We will discuss and develop our policies with tenants' associations to obtain their support and to agree a common front in tackling harassment. For our part, we will provide reasonable training as needed, to enable Tenants Associations to play a full part. For their part, the involvement of Tenants Association in combating racial harassment will be a condition of receiving Housing Association funding.

The Role of Other Agencies

We will work with other agencies, including the police and community support agencies to ensure that evidence is gathered which satisfies legal requirements. We will also ensure that systematic records of all complaints and decisions taken in relation to complaints are kept.

We will ensure that the victim is kept fully informed of the course of the investigation and the choices available, involving her or him fully in the decision-making processes.

We will ensure that any third parties / contractors we employ adopt this or other acceptable policies covering anti-discrimination and racial harassment and will make this a contractual obligation.

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